Mercedes-Benz MobiloLife.


For vehicles with initial registration before 31.03.2008. Mercedes-Benz MobiloLife

The Europe-wide standard Mercedes-Benz MobiloLife mobility guarantee consists of an extensive and cost-free service package that will provide you with the necessary assistance, swiftly and reliably, if the worst should come to the worst. It is valid for up to 30 years for every Mercedes-Benz with first registration between 24.10.1998 and 31.3.2008, provided it has been extended or reactivated by servicing the vehicle at your Mercedes-Benz authorised service partner.

In the case of rust-through warranty MobiloLife assumes the first four of the above.

MobiloLife cover is renewed with every service carried out by a Mercedes-Benz dealership and is extended until the following service (determined by your on-board computer taking driving manner into account) is due. Entry in the Service Booklet serves as proof and entitles you to receive the benefits of Mercedes-Benz MobiloLife. It is possible to re-enter the MobiloLife plan by having the following service at your Mercedes-Benz workshop.


To keep you going

MobiloLife applies to a new car for a period of two years. It is then automatically renewed every time a service is carried out by a Mercedes-Benz service outlet and remains valid until the next service is due. Your onboard computer will calculate when the next service is due according to your driving style. The entry in your service booklet serves as proof, and entitles you to the services provided under MobiloLife.

You haven’t always had your vehicle serviced by an authorised Mercedes-Benz outlet? There are gaps in your service history? No problem. Simply resume your MobiloLife coverage. Place your trust in us and take your Mercedes where it feels most at home because the quality is right: to your Mercedes-Benz workshop. As a thank-you we will renew our mobility guarantee for your vehicle until the next service is due. All MobiloLife services are provided by us free of charge and without restrictions. To give you the reassurance that you will never be left standing.

Renewal of cover is possible for all vehicles first sold and registered within the MobiloLife area of validity between 24.10.1998 and 31.03.2008. Any additional work identified during servicing must have been carried out by a specialist workshop.


All services at a glance.

A: for up to 2 years. For minor problems leading to a breakdown.
B: for up to 4 years. For repairs covered by the warranty for new vehicles, the manufacturer's liability for defects or goodwill (requiring more than 2 hours of labour).
C: for up to 30 years. Rust-through warranty (from the inside out)
D: for up to 30 years. For breakdowns / starting problems

Service A B C D
Taxi, local public transport and other means of transport up to EUR 65.00xxxx
Vehicle collection service and vehicle return service within a radius of 40 kilometres from the Mercedes-Benz service outlet.xxxx
Limousine service within a radius of 40 kilometres from the Mercedes-Benz outlet.xxxx
Courtesy vehicle (model acc. to availability) for the duration of the repair, maximum 5 days (excl. service fluids).xxxx
As an alternative to a courtesy vehicle: flight or rail journey up to EUR 400 per person, to continue the journey and collect the vehicle (return flight or journey).xx
Hotel accommodation incl. breakfast for up to 5 nights per person while the vehicle is repaired.xx
Breakdown and start assistance (round trip of mechanic).xx
Minor on-the-spot repairs up to EUR 150 if carried out by a Mercedes-Benz Service outlet (excluding material costs for tyres and batteries).xx
Supply of parts incl. customs duty, airfreight, parcel service, express delivery.xx
Tow to nearest Mercedes-Benz Service outlet.xx

Area of validity

Mercedes-Benz MobiloLife applies within the following countries in Europe:

FinlandMaltaSpain incl. Canary Islands
FranceMonacoCzech Republic
Great Britain
AustriaCyprus (EU territory)