Coporate Fleet Program

Corporate Solution Benefit for Customer Customer will get :  
• Financial Solution discount scheme based on purchase volume (min 2 units)
• Fleet Aftersales Solution (Integrated Service Package).

Customer Solution Financing Program

Flexibility on ownership program (Company or Car Ownership Program) with The Fleet Program :
1. Commercial Account Customers
Small and Medium Enterprise :
• Discount is valid for a minimum purchase of 2 (two) units and registration under company name.
• Valid for private-owned & state-owned company.
• SME Fleet Discount may be granted for all unit if min. 2 unit purchase under 1 PO.
• SME Fleet Discount may be granted for 2nd unit purchase if the 1st unit purchase was registered under Company Name within 12 months period. Discount will only be granted for the 2nd unit onwards.
• Higher discount amount can be granted if more vehicles are purchased in a single transaction.
• No signed agreement with MBDIna.
Large Company :
Fleet customers/companies pre-qualified by MBDIna that fulfils several criteria below:
• Limited only to 50 Top Indonesia Companies and applies to all companies that has potential purchase min. 10 units within 12 months
• Applicable starting for the first unit after an Agreement has been made between the customer, dealer and MBDIna.
• Higher discount amount can be granted if more vehicles are purchased in a single transaction.
• Fleet Department will regularly monitor NFA Fleet Discount to ensure a better benefit for NFA customer.
• Valid for state-owned and private-owned company
International Company :
• Multinational Companies that has subsidiary company in Indonesia.
• Agreement signed with Mercedes-Benz Group AG (Germany).
Taxi & Rental Company :
• Vehicle purchased for taxi services or rental operation
2. Fleet Special Target
Profesional :
• Profession with specific skills and educational background. Profession entitled for this discount are: Doctor and Journalist
MBI / MBDIna / DCVI Business Partner :
• Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) / Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia (MBDIna) / Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia (DCVI) Authorized Vendor with a minimum transaction of IDR 1 (one) billion in the past 12 months.
Examples: Agencies, Facility Renters, Event Organizer and etc.
DCVI Fleet Customers :
• Customer of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle (CV) Fleets.
• More than 10 CV units purchased and verified by DCVI in current operation and used for commercial purpose within the last one year.
DCVI Dealer Owner
• DCVI Authorized Dealer.
• DCVI Network Development (ND) Department needs to confirm the validity of the DCVI Authorized Dealer.
Celebrities/Public Figure
• Famous person who has positive exposure in newspapers, magazines, social media or is often on television or the radio. Examples: Movie Stars, Influencers, Musician, TV Host and News Anchor.
• Registration under celebrity name
Promotion Program
• Lucky draw prize with nationalwide promotion program
• Registration under winner names.
MBI / MBDIna / DCVI Employee.
• Permanent employee of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI), Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia (MBDIna) and Daimler Commercial Vehicle Indonesia (DCVI).
• For Mercedes-Benz COP Program discount can be combined with current sales discount and must be registered under employee name.

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