Mercedes-Benz Mobilo.


Mercedes-Benz Mobilo

No matter whether it's a technical breakdown, an accident, vandalism or a small mishap – our Mercedes-Benz Mobilo insurance package offers a professional Europe-wide round-the-clock service.

The insurance package initially applies for two years following initial registration (from 1 April 2008). It is renewed with every service carried out at an authorised Mercedes service partner until the next service due – up to a maximum of 30 years following initial registration.

Mercedes-Benz Mobilo is free of charge for you. The only prerequisite for receiving Mercedes-Benz Mobilo, and for continuing to receive it, is to have each due service carried out by your Mercedes-Benz service partner.


Staying mobile for certain

Your Mercedes comes standard with the Mercedes-Benz Mobilo mobility guarantee. This means: You can travel perfectly relaxed. If you encounter a problem with your vehicle, Mercedes-Benz quality help will quickly arrive throughout Europe - and you are assured of reaching your destination.

You'll stay mobile in these situations.

Technical breakdowns or starting problems: If your vehicle won't start or is disabled unforeseen due to a technical defect. For example, as the result of mechanical or electronic defects, an empty battery or tyre failure.

Minor mishaps:

In the event of incorrect vehicle operation that results in the vehicle suddenly being disabled while en route. For example, a lack of fuel or misfuelling or the loss of the vehicle keys.

Coverage area

Stay mobile throughout Europe. With Mercedes-Benz Mobilo.

If you are forced to interrupt your journey, you can rely on Mobilo to provide prompt on-site help.

- Around 3000 authorised Mercedes-Benz partners are working for you throughout Europe
- Service and care with Mercedes-Benz quality
- For fast help, dial 00800 1 777 77773 or MB Contact

You are entitled to the services of Mercedes-Benz Mobilo in Germany, all countries of the European Union and in the following countries:

FranceMontenegroCzech Republic
Great Britain


Rely on our professional assistance.

Minor mishap, technical defect or accident: We help you right on site - precisely where you need us. To make sure your journey continues as quickly as possible. Should it not be possible to continue in your Mercedes, you'll reach your destination thanks to Mobilo with a replacement vehicle or by rail or air.

The services of Mercedes-Benz Mobilo.

Roadside and starting assistance, minor repairs at the breakdown site:
Professional on-site help. Mobilo pays the costs for the technicians service call and repairs up to total of 150 euros. This excludes material costs for tyres, batteries, keys and all consumables.

Replacement vehicle:

If necessary you will be provided with a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair not to exceed three working days, excluding costs for fuel and additional services. These are charged at market prices. Costs for fuel and other additional services are not reimbursed. Type of vehicle subject to availability. In the case of an accident / vandalism and minor mishaps the established insurance standards furthermore apply.


As an alternative to a replacement vehicle, Mercedes-Benz covers the cost of a plane or train trip for you to continue your journey or return home. If you would like to personally pick up your car from the Mercedes-Benz partner where it was repaired, Mercedes-Benz will also pay for the cost of travelling to this location. We will cover a cost of EUR 400 per person for the round trip.

Vehicle return transport:

If your Mercedes-Benz cannot be made roadworthy again within 3 business days, we will organise the return of your vehicle upon your request to your personal Mercedes-Benz service partner and pay for the cost. As the return is made using consolidated transport, the time needed may vary according to distance and repair location.

Tow service:

If you cannot continue your journey in your Mercedes-Benz due to a breakdown, minor mishap, accident or a case of vandalism, we arrange for and cover the cost of towing to the nearest Mercedes-Benz service outlet.


If you would like to wait for your vehicle to be repaired and this cannot be completed on the same day, Mercedes-Benz will gladly arrange an accommodation option for you. For the length of the repair, to a maximum of three days, we will cover the accommodation costs including breakfast for the driver and passengers.

Taxi, public transportation, other types of mobility:

We will pay your costs, up to 65 euros, for the ride to the train station or the airport, for example, by taxi or public transportation.

Organisational assistance:

We provide assistance, for example, in the event of an accident or damage from vandalism. On foreign soil we'll arrange legal assistance and an interpreter for you.